January 20th, 2023

Had my first week of classes last week. Pretty boring, not much to talk about. I have good classes, work is probably going to be boring, you know how it is.

I also managed to get fucking sick after spending only three days on campus.

Womp womp.

So, I've spent the entirety of the third week of January 2023 sick. It hasn't been too miserable, just a minor sinus infection, but still draining enough that I have just been laying in bed kind of pitiful for the entire week. Above all else, I've been painfully bored. Video games have been a bit out of my grasp because they require brain power I don't have. I've read a little bit, which has been good, but otherwise it has been a lot of napping and chatting on Discord.

Been moderating, too. I have my write-up for my time moderating for the Yesterweb discord in the wake of the announcement that the Discord will be shut down. I will likely punch that up and post that within the next few days.

I have to say though, the forums are definitely much nicer just in terms of pace. It's nice to not feel like you're constantly missing out on something. I missed forums a lot, and I have some ideas brewing for a roleplay forum. Unfortunately, getting sick put a pin in that, but I will get back to working condition and start working on that again. Keep an eye out if you're into that sort of thing.

Short post today, though. I've genuinely just been laying on the couch staring at the ceiling all week. Let's hope the next week is better.

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